Tasting Wine at the Next Chapter WineryRedwine-inglass

Swirling the wine in the glass aerates the wine and helps release its aromas, And since smell is so strongly linked to taste…..

Your sense of smell is the most receptive with the first try, so take a moment to identify the aromas in the wine. This is more a perception of flavor than it seems!

The perfect pour leaves a significant amount of open space in the glass above the wine itself. This allows the wine to  breath and reach its full flavor potential.  Seeing the color prepares one for…

Now to the tasting. Try to break down the flavors into distinct parts:

  1. The First Taste: Good wine grabs your taste buds from the first sip.
  2.  The Body: The body of the wine picks up after the first taste stops and can be light, medium, or full bodied. This depends on the grape, place of origin (terroir) and the winemakers’s own style. Take a moment to hold the wine in your mouth- this allows your taste buds to search for flavors and texture. Try puckering your lips and sucking in air lightly over the wine in your mouth, letting tastes hit the back of your throat.
  3. The Finish: Take a moment to catalogue the flavors and textures of the wine, as well as your own impressions of the remembrance of the wine and its features. Filing this away in your “taste memory” will allow that memory bank to grow and your enjoyment of wine to expand.


European Roasterie
Montgomery Orchard
Pizzeria 201
Prairie Pond Winery


What you need to know to be a wine snob?

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Lovely place! My favorite part is the owner is from South Africa – a country I was fortunate enough to study abroad in – and that his daughter is a Bennie! -Elizabeth Hoffman / Posted on FB July 8, 2014

We always learn something new when we visit. Timothy is so friendly, and a great instructor! We had a fabulous day at the vine training last weekend. The barrel tasting was very fun and informative as well! -Donna Harrison / Posted on FB June 23, 2014

Awesome wines!!! Highly recommend!!! Sue Hanson Christensen / Posted on FB June 20, 2014

Located in the picturesque town of New Prague, we enter along a narrow gravel driveway which opens to a charming farm house on the right and a slightly weathered barn to the left. The setting is perfect! We are guided to the vineyard-led by the family shepherd and our host-Timothy Tulloch donning his wide-brimmed hat and aboard his off-road Segway. Our vineyard experience begins with a short instruction from Timothy followed by a fresh cup of amazing coffee. The coffee was soon followed by several cups of warm muddled wine…Yummy! After an hour or so of vine pruning, we take a moment to reflect on the fruits of our newly honed skills. Perfectly manicured vines as far as the eye can see-with the exception of that one area for which I am partly to blame…Sorry. Our vineyard experience continues as we are treated to a private barrel tasting. It is here where we are welcomed into the Next Chapter Vineyard family. In addition to being educated on how each wine was made, we hear stories of Timothy’s amazing journey and his vision for Next Chapter Vineyard. As we leave with our parting gifts of a bottle of Velvet Vines wine, we realize that we had no idea we would also be leaving with an experience that we would soon not forget. It has been 2 years since our first visit and although we have been back several times, we continue to look forward to our next-Next Chapter Vineyard experience… Joe Woehrle / Posted on FB July 9, 2014