Winery Hours & Reservations

Red Barn Restaurant and Tasting Room

Wednesday 4-9pm

Thursday 4-9pm

Friday 3-9pm

Saturday 12-9pm

Sunday 1-5pm

*The NCW Kitchen closes at 8pm Wednesday-Saturday & 5pm on Sunday

We are open for off-sale wine purchases Mondays & Wednesdays 9-4pm and during our regular open hours.

Wednesday 4-8pm

Thursday 4-8pm

Friday 3-9pm

Saturday 12-9pm

Sunday 12-5pm

Open for off-sale wine purchases Mondays & Wednesday 9-4pm

Labor Day, Sept. 7th 12-5pm

Closed Thanksgiving, Nov. 26th

Closed Christmas, Dec. 24th & 25th

We would LOVE to see you on our Patio!

What’s the procedure?

  • Reservations are required.  Please give us a call at 612-756-3012 to make your reservation. 
  • Here is our Wine Menu and Food Menu!
  • When placing your reservation, NCW will ask for a phone number and number of guests (Limit 4 people at a table or 6 people of the same household).
  • When entering the Red Barn for the restrooms, to peruse the merchandise, or to sit at an inside table, please wear a mask.  You can take the mask off once seated at a table while eating and drinking.  This is a state mandate.
  • To order any food or beverages, please approach the patio bar, keeping a 6 ft distance from others in line.
  • To pay, please approach the patio bar, at which time we will complete the credit card transaction.
  • We appreciate the support so much and are so excited to see you!

What are the Requirements & Restrictions?

  • Our Patio and Patio Bar are open!  Please only enter the Red Barn to use the restroom, which will be sanitized after every use.
  • Tables will be placed 8 feet a part.
  • Most serviceware will be disposable.  Please use the trash receptacles to discard your serviceware and place the plateware in the bin on top of the trash receptacles.
  • Please maintain social distancing as posted at the winery.
  • Staff will maintain a distance of 6 ft at all times.
  • Please stay home if you are sick.
  • Please consider wearing a mask or have one available on the patio.
  • Masks are required when walking inside the Red Barn to use the restrooms, to peruse the merchandise, or to find a table.  Masks can be taken off once seated at a table while eating and drinking.
  • Reservations can be made for up to four individuals or up six people in one household.
  • In the event of rain, you will be seated under a protected area.


  • Next Chapter Winery is taking every precaution as set forth in the Industry Guidance for Restaurants and Bars issued by MN DEED and have implemented a COVID-19 preparedness plan. Each guest is responsible for their own safety. Guests that are sick should stay home. We ask all guests to agree to observe social distancing guidelines that are posted at winery and agree to not move tables. We encourage guests wear a mask or have one available, use provided hand sanitizers and exercise best hygiene practices and hand washing rules when using the restroom. While our staff will take every precaution to reduce the risk of transmittable disease it is impossible to completely remove total risk to customers. Guests that disregard guidelines may be asked to leave. With this reservation request, you hereby assume full risk, waive all claims and release and hold Next Chapter Winery, its owners and employees individually or otherwise, harmless for any and all claims for injuries, illness or damages themselves and their guests.

Weekly Specials and Events


Activities starting June 1st!

  • Wine Bingo Wednesdays (6:30pm start time) with $5 Glasses of Wine 4-9pm.  Winners receive a $5 gift certificate!
  • Celebrate Trivia Thursdays (6:30pm start time) with $2 Chocolate Truffles and $2 off glasses of our Kindred Spirits Cocktails.  Winning team wins a bottle of wine!
  • Happy Hour Fridays with $3 Beers and $5 Glasses of Wine 3-5pm
  • BOGO 1/2 Off glasses of  Wine/Beer/Spirits every Friday for school teachers and staff!
  • Check-In Sundays: Receive $2 off your entire bill if you check-in to NCW on Facebook!

Virtual Events & Activities:

  • The first Monday of every month is Cooking/Drinking Wine with Jenny-try out some new recipes using NCW wines!
  • Tuesday Poetry with Timothy-check in at 8pm!  Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and listen to our winemaker Timothy read you a poem.
  • Whine Wednesday–Jenny and Jackie whine a little and wine a lot about life bloopers to bring a little laughter to your day.
  • Trivia Thursday is now virtual!  Grab a glass of wine, paper/pen, and be ready at 6:30pm for an evening of friends and mental skills.
  • Saturday Behind the Scenes at NCW–we will share a video of a behind the scenes look at wine making, vineyard management, distilling, and more!
  • Sunday Stroll through the Vineyard–we will take a video of a walk through the vineyard.